A Taste of Greece

The St. Demetrios Greek Festival offers dozens of traditional Greek foods and pastry items which are all homemade and freshly prepared by members of the church community.

Get your Mythos Greek beer (it’s back!) and other premium beers along  with Greek wine at the taverna.

A la Carte
A la Carte items are served outdoors on the St. Demetrios grounds, under the large white tent.
Dolmathes-Rice stuffed grape leaves
Falafel-Mediteranean vegetarian sandwich served with tahini sauce
Greek Fries-French fries tossed in Greek spices and topped with feta cheese                                                Greek Roasted Chicken- Greek roasted chicken served with sides of rice and beans.
Greek Salad-Tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, kalamata olives and feta cheese in an olive oil vinaigrette
Gyro-Strips of spiced lamb and beef topped with tomato, onions and tzaziki sauce in a warmed pita.    Kalamari- Fried squid served with Tsitsiki sauce ( yogurt,cucumbers, garlic) 

Lamb ShankLamb shank served with sides of rice and beans   

Moussaka- layers of pasta, ground beef and bechamel sauce enriched with parmesan cheese.     

Pastitsio- , ground beef and bechamel sauce enriched with parmesan cheese.
Souvlaki-Pork shish kabobs marinated in lemon juice and olive oil and seasoned with salt, pepper and oregano, served in pita bread sandwich style.
Spanakopita-Spinach-cheese pita                                                           

Tiropita–cheese pita

Pastries and Desserts
Baklava-Layers of walnuts, cinnamon and sugar between buttered phyllo dough, topped with syrup 
Baklava Sundae-
Chopped Baklava mixed with a touch of espresso, served over vanilla ice cream and topped with whipping cream
Bougatsa-Creamy custard and chopped walnuts layered between buttered phyllo dough and served warm from the oven
Galaktoboureko-Creamy custard baked between layers of buttered phyllo and topped with a citrus-infused syrup
Kataifi-A mixture of walnuts, cinnamon and sugar wrapped in layers of shredded phyllo dough
Koulourakia-Braided butter cookies that go perfectly with coffee
Kourambiethes-Delicate butter cookies topped with layers and layers of powdered sugar
Loukoumades-Deep fried “Greek doughnuts” topped with honey-syrup and dusted with cinnamon

Melamakarona-Chopped walnuts cookies soaked in honey-syrup and sprinkled with cinnamon

Soda, Bottled Water, Greek Coffee, Espresso, Greek Wine and Greek Beer available